Sunny Day Skin Care Tips

Sunny Day Skin Care Tips
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During a cold and gloomy day, all you look out for is the sun to come out up high in the sun and all you want to do is lie down on the beach in your bikini and get yourself a good sunbath. However, you need to know that sunny day can be a bit of a paradox. They can work wonders with regards to your moods but are an extremely harmful factor and dangerous for your skin. Your skin is the most exposed organ of your body and can be easily affected by the sun rays.

Sunny climate is categorized to fall into two broad categories comprising of sunny and dry or sunny and humid. Both these bring along their own set of challenges to the skin. However, with regards to the sunny climate, no matter whichever part of the world you are in, the most vital thing you can do for yourself is to protect your health and skin. You can make use of a broad sunscreen throughout the year, and it is vital to wear sunscreen even on days when the weather is dreary as the sun rays can easily penetrate through the clouds.

The broad spectrum of sunscreens helps to guard your skin against the harsh UVB rays that are responsible for causing sunburns. It also protects your skin against the UVA rays that are accountable to accelerate the process of aging. UVA rays lead to causing skin dryness, brown spots, fine lines, wrinkles, and skin sagging issues. These are also known as beauty bummers for which UV rays are one of the factors as it causes depletion of collagen protein in the body. These UV rays are also indirectly responsible for producing free radical damages to the skins DNA.

Precautionary Steps To Protect Your Skin In Sunny Dry Climates:

If you are in a sunny, dry climate region just like the deserts or any mountainous region, it is easy for your skin to face damages and might get parched. You need to ensure to do the following to protect your skin:

  • Skin Hydration: As the air in these regions contains very little moisture, it will take the moisture from your skin. Due to this, you need to fuel your body back with plenty of water which is taken from your body by Mother Nature. Ensure to make use of a hydrating moisturizer in the morning and at night.

Drink Lot Of Water

  • Learn About Ingredients: Check the ingredients of the moisturizer before use. It should contain glycerin as it draws moisture on to the topmost layer of the skin. Ingredient petrolatum helps to prevent moisture from being escaped, or even an ingredient such as Niacinamide contributes to enhances your skin’s ability to lock the natural moisture barrier.

Steps To Protect Your Skin In Sunny Humid Climates:

In this particular climate, people with oily skin face a problem. Humidity leads to making the skin promote levels of oil and due to this sweat, and other impurities clog the skin pores. A regular cleansing process shall help to keep your skin clear and fresh. Cleansing daily morning and evening with a gentle cleanser that can help to remove your makeup, sweat, and grime without getting your skin dry.

Moisturize Your Skin

  • Refreshing Treatment With A Toner: You can give your skin a shiny and oily effect by making use of a toner immediately after washing.
  • Moisturize Your Skin Regularly: Always take advantage of a light and oil-free moisturizer. This helps to maintain the humidity and promotes healthy skin.

We now know that keeping our skin healthy and soft in humid and dry climates is easily possible when taking the right precautions like a good sunscreen and moisturizer as well as staying hydrated with plenty of water. So, go have fun at the beach or in the backyard and stay safe from harmful effects of the sun.

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